Michelle Babbitt C.H.t.  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 

The truth about me is that I found hypnotherapy when all else was lost. I’ve struggled with severe physical and emotional pain;  childhood onset diabetes, general malaise, stress and fatigue my entire adult life. My relationships suffered because of unconscious feelings I didn’t know were there.  I vaguely managed through, and with not much satisfaction. 
Yet, when my life came to a very critical and screeching halt, and no one else could help me, I turned to hypnosis by the suggestion of a colleague.
After experiencing the profound changes and the positive feelings that began to saturate my mind, body, spirit and life through this means of relaxing and refreshing therapy,  and easily and comfortably addressing all my painful hurts, I noticed, relief came exponentially in all areas of my life.  Then, after one year I became well enough to find my own life path to helping others. It was a clear choice to learn hypnotherapy myself.  I felt like I owed the universe for one really big good turn! 
Then after some intense training and a rigorous education at HMI for the past two years -which was a joy to be a part of- I’m now in a place to share some of those amazing steps through life’s twists and turns with other people who are looking for more or who need to find the natural and most sublime answers to their most stubborn issues.
I hold numerous accredited certifications in Hypnotherapy, most notably what is known as the "trifecta" certifications; Professional Membership, Diploma in Hypnotherapy, and Certified Master Hypnotist.  

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